Penzion Haltmar - ubytování Jeseníky

Ramzová 36, 788 25 Ostružná, tel.: +420 603 482 433, e-mail:

Cz En Pl
Penzion Haltmar

On arrival to the resort you will not miss the new building of our house.



Haltmar Leoš
Ramzová 336
788 25 Ostružná

mobil ubytování:
+420  603 482 433

mobil minákáry:
+420  603 485 619

IČO: 15511634


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Snow tubing and Snowcart Jeseniky

Snow tubing Snow tubing Snow tubing Snow tubing Snow tubing Snow tubing Snowcart Snowcart Snowcart Snowcart 

Snow tubing - The journey up the hill using a ski tow is a great  adventure in itself. Then there's  even more fun as you whizz safely down the snow corridor on your snow tube.

Snowcart a completely new ride suitable for everyone! The snowcart has a fully sprung, height adjustable seat, two hand brakes and responsive steering.  


Ski tow length: 350 m 
Track length: 500 m 

Opening hours:
December – March
10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.


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